Perimeter protection with thermal cameras

There’s no hiding from them. Because they capture images based solely on the heat radiating from people and objects, they’re unaffected by darkness or poor visibility. So they’re as accurate in pitch black, fog, and camouflage as they are on a bright sunny day.

Audio system

If thermal cameras alarm, an operator will address people and deter unwanted activity live and if needed, contact Police and Securitas. Operator will make sure that the intruder knows that they are being watched and action is taken.


Necessary information

ID, registration number, company name, driver's name and more information must be provided when parking. All customers have a personal code and all passages are logged with timestamps.

CCTV system

Of course we also have a traditional surveillance system inside the parking lot. We use hardware and software from Avigilon. We also have Security rounds performed every night.