New reservation system for invoice customers

Important information from Security Park Sweden

We want to inform you that we from January 1st, 2021 will upgrade and change to a new improved reservation system for our invoice customers. If you already is a customer today, you will have to apply for a new account to gain access to this new system, you can do so on this page:

We will fade out the (current) old reservation system meaning that you are only able to reserve until the last December, from January new reservations can only be entered via the new system. Due to technical limitations, we have to close and open the new system on the same day, which means that you will not be able to book in January at all until the new system is live (January 1st).

Our new system will be so much smoother and easier than ever before, giving you the opportunity to gain full access over your companies reservations and pin codes regardless of who booked within the organization.

Our ambition is to offer a competitive price with easy to access systems. In order to maintain the same availability, security, costs for new systems and service there will be a price adjustment from January 1st.
The new prices for invoice customers will be 200:-SEK (including VAT) and 250 SEK for non-contract bookings.

We will also change the terms and conditions to be able to have access to the invoice account-type, that’s why you need to apply for a new invoice account and accept the new terms to still have access and get your reservations invoiced.
There will be an annual fee of 4000* SEK to have access to the new booking system but you will instead have a discounted price per day towards a non-contract customer.
Please send in your application ASAP in order not to risk being locked out from the system when this is migrating. 

During the year we have also upgraded and provided the parking with a new technology that includes guarding with thermal cameras/sound system and we have also increased the frequency’s of check by Security Guards. 

There are some exemption rules for trade in services within the EU related to a property, it should be taxed in the country where the property is located. Therefore TAX is included in our invoices. We send our invoices in SEK.
  *=excluding VAT

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